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We provide the high quality and variety of products

Tiger supply application available now

To fulfill your needs conveniently and immediately, shop online with Tiger Supply mobile application.

Please see the application guide below.

• Firstly, go to Options below your selected product. Then, click Choose Size/ Weight to make
choices on your preferable color, size and so on.

• Click Add to Cart when you have done the choices and choose the purchasing quantity. Then,
you will be in Customer’s Contact page if you are the new customer.

• If you are the new customer, please click Sign Up and fill in the required data. If you already
have the account, you can fill in your e mail and password and continue purchasing.

• Then, click Add to Cart and the purchased items will be in your cart.

• To check your purchased items, click the cart icon. After checking, please click Check out.

• Then, you will receive a notified message saying that your order is well received.

• Tiger Supply Company will contact you via phone or email for the required information before

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