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    Construction chemicals have become one of the important components of chemical industry playing an important role in global infrastructure development. We are providing high-quality chemical products from “KAO”, globally recognized brand and a leading brand in this industry. A variety of construction chemical products especially concrete mixtures and construction field products are widely available.

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    In Myanmar, Tiger Supply is the main distributor of many world-wide brands for construction materials. We are always ready to fulfill our customers’ needs by providing the construction materials with premium quality from globally well-known brands such as SCG, Crocodile and VIVA. For ceiling, wall and partition works, variety of construction materials from famous brands such as SCG Smartboard, Elephant Gypsum, UAC and Tiger Supply are available at our shop.

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    Speedy work with quality control is very vital for all kinds of construction projects. In order to achieve this, mechanization of work has to be done where construction machinery and equipment play a critical role. Proper use of appropriate machinery and equipment contributes to economy, quality, safety, speed and timely completion of the project. At Tiger Supply, we provide our customers with the best and most efficient solutions for their businesses and projects. Our customers can make the right choice for their projects by checking our available product list with a variety of construction machinery below.

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    Products of internationally acknowledged brands such as Teksan (Europe), Atlas Copco (USA) are available and we provide a second source of Electricity with variety of range starting from small generators to the large generators for factory and commercial use.

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    The automobiles have become safer and more efficient over the years because of the advance in its designs and operations. We are proud to say that we are a part of this progress by operating, designing and managing car factory in Myanmar. What we do is engineering works, design and assembly the cars for Myanmar market. We work with Computer-aided Engineering (CAE) which is widely used in the automotive industry. The use of CAE tools enables the automakers to reduce product development cost and time while improving the safety, comfort, and durability of the vehicles they produce. Our automobile process line engineering performs the following functions:

    • Design and CAE analysis
    • Press Dies and Injection Moulds
    • Cabin Assembly Lines
    • ED coating (Electro-Deposition Coating) and Industrial Paintings

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    In Myanmar, an agricultural country, fermentation and agrochemicals play an important role for the nation’s economic development. We are distributing KAO products, the famous brand for agrochemicals. KAO is the global brand being accepted widely for its high quality of agrochemicals and its products are based on research ranging from the basics to applications development and covering the entire work process from raw materials to product manufacturing.

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